Fox Valley Off Road 

Photo page!

Check out photos & videos from the Opening of the park!!!

Video's are from the riders mostly and  Special thanks to these past and present Photographers.

Free Moto Pix, Jen Wamhoff, Merle Acord, Mandy Lanute, Nikki Dixon, Brett Wilkinson Brian and Andrea Goodin.


10/21/2012 GP by Rand Southard
Gp 122-250 By Randy
Ryan Moss's Videos
7-17-2011 Click links 
Ed's 40B video's  1, 2, 3,
Ryan Moss's Thumper 1  2, 3, 4
Dan's 6-19-2011 Quad Video
 6-19-2011 Ryan Moss Thumper Video
 6-19-2011 Ryan Moss AA video 1 & & 3 with crash at the end.
Randy Southard 40A video 1 & 2, crash.
5-8-2011  Thumper pit bike video by ryan moss
5-8-2011  Lap of the 40B class thanks Ed!
5-8-2011 FVOR HS  40A rider Randy Southard      last part of 40A
take a lap with Joel last November's play day 2010
Video of the 10-10-10 HS quad course thanks Kevin for the link, and  Dan for the video!  click here!
Video of the Quad Race Last HS 9-12 Thanks Kevin!  Click Here!!

Fox Valley Off Road Videos of last weekends HS Races. 7-18-2010  Take a couple full laps with multiple riders.

Joel Huggins 717 Video 1    Perkinator 764 Video 

Kevin Johnson's 312 Video ATV 1     Ryan Moss Thumper 24  Video 1       Video 2

Thumper Race video.

Perkinator 9-13 video 

Take a lap with Joel 8-2-2009  HS 
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