A few comments from Gerhard and Patty on the season past and future and the very successful
award & playday 11-13-05



OW thats a Play Day!  Wow, I was a little bummed on Saturday with all the rain and wind. Figuring that Sunday with cooler temperatures and wind would keep the riders away.  But I guess Patty's food makes up for a little weather, that's my excuse for my "older size" and I am sticking to it!  450 some riders, friends, and kids, made the most of a little blustery day. We put up two tents this season so there were more tables and chairs undercover, and other then some tent damage they stayed up and worked pretty well. Looked like we had a fairly even split between Hare Scramble riders and Megacross Series followers with a good amount of park patrons.  All seemed to have a good time. Never have figured out how she knows that a 100 pounds of BBQ, and about 120 Pounds of pork brisket ends up at the end of the day as two small plastic freezer bags left over,,,,,  hmmmmm. Anyway, the rain made the tracks at the park pretty close to perfect soil condition, (for a couple of practice tracks), at times it looked like a parade out there. We actually had to separate some riders to "decongest" them a little until the lunch bell rang.      

After lunch we got into the door prizes and setup for the awards. Our first award went to Brandon the rider that passed. His dad spoke on his son's memory and made us all think real hard on what we do and the importance of safety and also to make every moment count. We all thought about our kids and likely hugged them a little tighter that night. 

We got into the FVOR awards first, knowing that someone would remember who went "first" last year we started with the right group this time!  Many new faces got awards and of course the regulars. The Megacross awards got underway after that and during the presentations we gave out the door prizes. Special thanks go to the sponsors would made it possible to give out that much product, MSR, Tucker Rocky, Answer, Pro Taper, RCR Kawasaki, Meriden Street Motorsports and Fox Valley Cycles. Gary also earlier in the day gave a 1/2 hour or so suspension seminar go over, so the riders can better keep their machines sprung correctly. Special thanks also Service Honda, and American CNC Machine for all the support.  

In review we had no rain outs, the events even with the heat went well. A few new track changes on the horizon for Megacross as we will retain the same schedule as we did last season.  If anyone has ideas for the track, after 14 years of racing at the fairgrounds, we have change almost everything at least 2-3 times!  The class structure may change a little also as we always "tweak" our organization in hope to perfect our consistent routine.  Fox Valley will get more updates as well, we plan to do a little more with the drag course, improve the parking areas, double the kids track!!!  After seeing all the kids on that track today, it needs expanding for sure. Our Hare Scrambles series will improve, after some of the miscues in 2005, we learned some things and will implement them in 06!  As quickly as 2005 came to a close, we will be right back at it this weekend scheduling all the AMA District 17 events and putting the calendar together for next year. Heck MX racing will likely begin at LTM in February like it did this year!  Don't forget Fox Valley Off Road is open every weekend through out the winter months, but always check the web site or call ahead.  Thanks to everyone for coming out! and have a great holiday season. 



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