Fox Valley State Championship Hare Scramble

Fox Valley Off Road Park, 10-9-05


By Merle

 Riders seldom say a course is tough: instead they say it’s a technical course. A tough course is one that has impossible water crossings; hills that are straight up and not much better on the down side. Trees lining the trail at handlebar width, yeah, if you’ve cut two inches off each side and then the logs positioned halfway up a hill or at the bottom or a switch-back when throttle control is at a minimum: But there’s a reason for all of the technical (tough) stuff. Championship Races, they have to be technical (tough) not trail rides. Illinois Hare Scramble class champion means something on your resume and the back of your District Jacket and this year’s State HS Championships upheld that tradition. Everything at the Fox Valley Park course was rideable, yeah the hills were steep, both ways; and the trails were tight and the riders wouldn’t have it any other way: it was technical.

“My quad didn’t start right off and I was dead last into the woods,” said Kurt Demay overall quad champ on a Yamaha from Gieson’s Motor Sports. Kurt’s riding style, during the season, was to ride Fox Valley in the morning and the Moose Run in Morrison in the afternoon. “I can ride these hour and half runs and not get tired,” said the Prophetstown “Ironman” resident. There were some steep hills and some technical sections. It was a good course. I would like to thank Mom and Dad, Gieson’s Motor Sports and Moose Racing.”

            Ryan Smith quad B from Palestine, Illinois said, “I rode Byron’s quad MX Saturday and I’m a little tired today. The trails were awesome, a very technical course and I like it like that... I would like to thank IMS Racing, Spider Grips and Alco Suspension.”

            Don Jones second in the quad A and from Seneca, Illinois said, “ I had a pretty good season, but it’s fun either way.”

            “In the first downhill I went over the bars and the quad chased me down the hill, and it caught me,” said Al Block in the +40 quads. “Luckily, the only thing that got hurt was my pride. After the crash almost everyone passed me and I brought up the rear. I don’t have any sponsors and the way I crash I need all the help I can get.”

            “I was right behind Al when the crash happened,” said Dan Siener of De Kalb, Illinois and third in +30 quads. “It sure didn’t look like any fun to me. The course layout was very good. I really liked the zigzag thru the cornfield. It broke up pounding the trails real nice. There’s a lot of ruts and bumps and it’s real dry slick today.”

            “The course was marked real nice,” said Jeff Wary from Mc Henry, Illinois and ninth in the quad B’s. “It was definitely a challenge. There was some new stuff like the cornfield that made it interesting.”

            Jeremy “A” Smith from Canton, Illinois rode the last few laps on a flat tire finished fourth in the quad A’s and said, “I got a flat early on and just couldn’t pull anything up. It being so dry there was a lot of dust out there and it made the trails slick. I’m going to take a break now and get ready to ride the bikes; hopefully I won’t have a flat there. I would like to thank Moose Off Road Racing and Mom and Dad.”

            Roger Swim +40A winner said, “There were some tough areas out there and it was technical enough that it was a good Championship race. Ward did a good job and deserves to have it again. I would like to thank World Power Sports.

            John Glenn first year quad C rider won the class championship insuring he’ll be a class up next year. “I had a lot of fun out there. The course was tough on the arms, what the heck I needed the exercise. This is only my fourth race, but I’ll be back next year.”

            Bill Hammond picked the State Championship to ride his first quad C race and won a second place. “It was fun, but I’ll probably ride in the C class again next year.”

            “I actually had a pretty good day,” said David Brooks third in the quad B’s. “This is my first race back since I broke my wrist in June. It was a good competitive course and almost everyone had a good time. I’m real happy with my finish.”

            “Dave and I raced all day,” said fourth place quad B rider Scott Burkitt. “ The course, was laid out well, tight stuff, and some open stuff so you could really sing. Of course we need rain so badly and they couldn’t do anything about the dust. I would like to thank Gales Power Sports.”

            “I hope I did better than I think I did,” said Ken Herring 5th in quad B. “It was a very rough course. I would like to thank Nielsen Enterprises, and Blaster Boy Motor Sports. It was much tighter than we’re used to and doing it for an hour and half didn’t help. Makes you breath deep.”

            “It was a lot of fun,” said 6th in the +30 B class Eric Watson. “I got hung up in a couple of trees, but managed to pull through.”

            Jim Hanchett in the +30 class responded, when asked how he finished said, “I finished, I broke a bolt off in my chain tightener on the swing arm and had to go to the trailer to make repairs.”

Nick Daniels third in the prestige’s AA class said,  “This is one of the toughest tracks I’ve been to. Lots of big logs, and second or third gear was about the best you could get into. I want to thank my Dad for all of his help.”

Jeremy A Smith fourth in the AA class said, “I’m tired. I rode in the Quad A in the morning and the bikes in the afternoon. Yeah, I’ tired but I love it. The track was good compared to most of the other rides I’ve had this season. I would like to thank Moose Off Road, and everyone that comes into the shop.”

Jeremy L. Smith second in the AA class said, “I don’t know where I finished. I was leading for a while but there was one hill that a bunch of those 125’s just weren’t making it. I got around and on the next lap they directed us around the bottleneck. It was a nice tight rough course, just the way I like it. I’m concentrating on the GNC Iron man coming up soon and I’m anxious to see how I do against the big guys. I would like to thank Moose Racing, Scott, Gurney Boots, Pro Motor Sports, and the rest of the people that have been supporting me throughout the season.  .

Dan Burgard won the AA class and the event overall, but he had some ground to make up. His machine didn’t want to catch fire on the line from the dead engine start. Dan a District 17 past champion was well aware that two hour hare scrambles are not won in the first ten minutes of the event and when Dan’s machine finally caught he charged into the woods; kept the power on passing them where he caught them and when the barrel guy called one more lap Dan was in the lead and stayed at the point to the checkers.

            District 17 Hare Scramble Director Jay Hall took a second place in the Open A class and said, “The trails were technical, and worthy of a Illinois Hare Scramble Championship. I didn’t run a mileage check on it but I think it was about a five mile loop.”

 Jay had realized a lifetime ambition. Competing in the International Six-Day (Enduro) Trials this fall. I rode on the same team as Jeff Fredette and was there when he collected his 25 consecutive ISDE medal; a record that will last a long time. “I got a bronze and it’s my first medal so I think Jeff’s record is safe with me”, said Jay.

Rob McGee from Chicago won the Open A and said, “The course was very technical, lots of turns and lapped riders. The lappers were getting stuck on the hills, upside down, and we would have to go around or drive over them, or whatever it took. Never sit there and wait, maybe ten seconds, but no longer. Fun? Yeah! It was a lot of fun, sometimes a little frustrating but still fun. I would like to thank MCC, Husqvarna and the Car Wash.”

            “We had a good course,” said third place veteran  +40 A rider Gary Peterson. “You had to be on your toes all the time the trails were chopped up, dusty, and lots of logs.” Wally Mika another veteran won the +40 A class with Jeff Hood second.

Steve Willis from Thompson, Illinois finished second in the 85 class and said, “The hills were steep and slick but it was still fun just like its supposed to be. I would like to thank Moose Racing, Alpine Stars, and Mom and Dad.”

            Tyler Snow from Morrison, Illinois was third place in the 85 class and said, “It was dusty but we haven’t had any rain for a long time. The log here at the finish line wasn’t so bad if you got your front wheel up in the air, kept your momentum pushed forward and made the back end light when it bumped the log. I would like to thank DT Brakes, and Mom and Dad

            “Madd Maxx” Malatia a very successful motocross racer by choice and fourth in the 85 class said, “Yeah it was a lot of fun and I’ll ride more of these things, but I’m not about to give up motocross to ride the woods.

            Justin Devlin number one in the 65 class said, “ The 4/wheelers got the hills all slicked up. Had to hit them hard but still be a little careful and use a combination of speed and throttle control. I would like to thank Jay Hall’s and Husky.”

            Jerry McCaughin+30 B riders had a few comments about the log: “They had it standing up tall this year and no ramping up to it. I avoided it  every lap and took the “Sally Route.” It was an excellent course and I had a world of fun. I want to give Ward and his crew a big thank you for the job they did.”

            Trail Rider 201- Open Robert Mitchell said, “This was a tough one the powder dust made the hills hard to handle and it was challenging all the way, every last bit of it and I am glad to have crossed that big log for the last time. I would like to thank Southern Cycle in Peoria

            Jack Revallo won the 40+B and said, “I had a good day. I did good on the start and then on the second lap we all got lost, but we sorted it out and it was smooth sailing from then on.”

Brad Fabrizius second in Open Trail Riders said, “It was tough, and probably the hardest HS I’ve been to this year. It was dusty and it got hot. The logs were something else. I endowed at least once in the first lap.

 Bryce Olson fourth in the Open trail riders said, “Real tough, real tight and the front tire kept washing out. I’m riding an RNC 450. That big log by the barrels seems to be bit taller than in past seasons. Maybe it’s still growing. I don’t know what it is but it is harder than a rock.”

“The first lap was a little confusing,” said Ian Wissmiller eighth in the 200B But after they took out that one steep, slick uphill we didn’t seem to have any trouble making a lap.”

“Let me get a drink of water,” said Paul Capps after two hours of battling Fox Valley’s tight trails and taking an taking an eighth in the 30B class. “It was dusty, deep powder, ruts, steep hills other than that it was pretty easy. The only problem I had with the hills was bottlenecks. That is what is good about four strokes; lots of traction. I would like to thank Cambridge Motor sports, That is the only sponsor I have. I just got back into the sport after a ten year hiatus. Once you’ve raced you never really get it out of your system.”

Clay Millsap on a KTM 200 in the 200 Trail riders said, “The only trouble I had with the hills was with bikes that couldn’t make it, otherwise the KTM just powered right up them. It’s been a good little bike. I like it better than the four strokes; starts easy, and light enough that you can handle it in the woods. I would like to thank J&C Design, Bolyn’s Auto Body and Mom and Dad.”

Brian Roland finished well back in the 30B class but he finished. One of the truisms in racing, ‘you don’t win if you don’t finish’ and Brian firmly believed in it. “It was a little tough,” said Brian. “I’ve seen easier and I’ve seen worse.”

Josh Rhodes locked up the first place Trail Riders points Jacket with a fifth place win today in the 200 Trail riders class. It was a good ride and I enjoyed it,” said Josh. “But this is probably my last season as a trail rider. I think they will turn me B next season.”






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