Fox Valley Off Road    Hare Scramble Series    

 District 17 HS Championship Race

Special note.

 20 some riders on the last lap of the big bike race had to be entered in by hand, this is the reason for those last "hot laps" on the sheet.  They are scored correctly, but times on last lap are incorrect. Thanks!

Round 5  Results  10-4-2009

Race Timer Systems by John Bouma

Overall Bikes Overall 85/65cc Overall Quad AA A
30+ A 40+ A 50+ 30+ B 40+ B
 86-200 B 30+ C 201-Open B 86-200 C 201-Open C
65cc 85cc 65 Beginner 50 Sr 50 Jr
4-Wheel A 4-Wheel B 4-Wheel C  Women Vintage
4-Wheel 35+ Thumper