2017 Fox Valley Off Road Series

Nick Smith, Josh Run, Stacey Stevenson, and a few others were taking great shots!

Cody(99) came back for a little fun.  He was chased for a bit but Tman (51) and Mason (98) were the only two riders Cody didn't lap.  Good to see a local kid doing well. 

  Round 3  Results 7-23-2017
Morning Big Bike Scores Afternoon Bikes Overall 4-Wheel Overall 50cc Overall  
AA 98-Open A 30+ A 40+ A 50+ A
98-250 B 251-Open B 30+ B 40+ B 50+ B/C 60+
201-Open C 98-200C 30+ C 40+ C 85cc 65cc
Women Vintage 65 Beginner 50 Sr 50 Jr
Super Mini 4-Wheel A 4-Wheel B 4-Wheel C 4-Wheel 200-300 4-Wheel 30 A/B Thumper

Photos by 893 Photography (Nick Smith)

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