Fox Valley Off Road Hare Scramble Series    

  Round 1  Results 5-5-2013  

As you all know we had some issues with the upgrade to our system, evidently we didn't have the correct dated updated software which locked not one, but ALL our computers up as we tried to score the event.  By the time we realized what was happening we had to rely on the paper and pencil back up.  Afternoon Bike race, and ATV races were hand scored (typed in) with the non-updated version. So below you will see the same sheets for the morning races as you normally do, except the lap times are not correct (we had to re-enter all the information by hand).  We already know what went wrong and have it fixed, but not having internet at the park made it impossible to fix on race day.  This will be addressed in the next couple weeks as well.  thank you for your patience on Sunday, we did all we could, and you the riders helped alot by being understanding in our mess-up.  We have used this software/system since June 2006, it has shown to work well.

 Race Timer Systems

Lap times correct. Afternoon Bikes ATV classes    
Lap times not correct/results correct 50 Jr 50 Sr 65 Beg Vintage
65cc 85cc Super Mini Women 50+ A
50+ B 30+ C LIttle C Open C Thumper