Fox Valley Off Road 

Play Day 11-11- 2007

Photos by Brett

Lines were long but the food was excellent!~

Nikki Dixon and Danielle Wilkinson ham it up for the camera. 

The "crew", Mallory, Lauren, and Keith Hicks. 

Thumper Rider Eddie Cullins say's what about me!  

Testing our skills in rock creek.

Corey Keith on trail marshal patrol.

More rock creek, little practice for HS?

Chase Sexton on his play bike, banged around all day like he usually does. This kid was born on a bike.

Travis Ward bangin some laps and if you look close that back there is the "perkins scrub!"

not sure but looks like Zach? let me know!

Fox Valley Cycle's John Conely railing the west berm. Track conditions were pretty darn good.

Dave Hayes gave chase.

Hayes again airing out on the new jump.

Randy Harper keeping those jeans in style!!!

Nick Gehant doing a little moto.

Air time?

Waiting patiently for the awards and door prizes.

Nikki, Danielle, Hannah, AshERly, Stacy, and missing is Lauren. 

Little Krska won a Answer umbrella, "now that is NOT a "sword".......

Donnie McCauley (great hat!)

Todd Schmolinger healed up and back in the game!

Denny Morsch made many trips up front and did well this season.

Kyle Entwistle won two classes this season. AND informed us all that his brother was doing the "wedding picture" deal today.........  :)

Large crowd, next year a bigger tent is likely!

Alan Freedrich, oh yes we did put your "byron crash" on that plaque!

No wig this year....Steve Perkins 30 A and 25+ A classes.

4-Wheel B top 3, Zach Sondergroth, Charlie Snow, and Derick Skaggs

125 C class Cole Johns

Joey Kopecky Champion 25+ B class.  nice come back Joe.

Alex Zimmerman nursing a sore foot after a little get off in the morning.

Pete Witkowski 3rd Place 40+, Also our local tow truck sponsor!

Double Champion Keith Hicks 30+ B, and 40+, Lauren Hicks 5th place womens.

Dave Hayes #63

Colton Krska made sure we got that name correct, great kid!


"Chase" most don't need a last name, they all know this speedster!

Spencer Neuhror Champion 250C class.

Logan Skaggs Champion 65cc Sr.

Kurt Harper, and Justin Carr 65cc Beginner champion and 2nd spot.

Nickolas Christman 65cc beginner class. 4th place


Shawn Thompson on of his many plaques of the day, both SX and HS!

Another "one named speedster"   Maxx!  Champion 85 Sr and Super Mini!

Nicholas Broll Champion thumper class.

Mark Spizzirri  30+ B HS Class

Old MX guy John  Horn, Champion Big C class, also Free Season Pass Winner. 

Yep he did it again on a 2 stroke!  Jeff Oldenberg.

40 A Champion  Kevin Finefield

Eric Folty, 2nd Place Pit bike.....

Rob Koscielski Champion 40 B class HS.

Joe Janas Champion 30+ B class.

trouble makers something about "poo" and no honey around.

Myron Lesley 3 Place 50 Jr

Scott Holmes 25+ B class.

Hayden Schmidt 3rd Place 50 jr.

Mitchell Ternes 3rd place 65 beginner.

Dan Burkett Champion 35+

Nolan Schuler 5th 85 Sr.

Ian Bellar 2nd place 65cc HS.

Keagan Schmidt part of Team Kaos! Champion 85sr.

Ted Horn," I promise not to stop in the transponder area."

Scotty Sexton 85sr Class 2nd place

Blake Couch "my favorite track is JMX!"

Mason Schuler 2nd 65 Beginner.

Tyler Simpkins 3rd place 85 Sr class.


Kelly Christman her sweatshirt says it all!